ABRL Volunteer/Registration Form

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Volunteer Information

By submitting this application, I agree:

  1. That I have read and understand the ABRL Guidelines; when I act as a representative of the ABRL, I shall abide by these Guidelines.
  2. That I take responsibility for my individual actions and do not hold the ABRL liable for activities I undertake on their behalf.
  3. To notify the ABRL when I can no longer volunteer my services.

Please answer the following:

  1. I am a member of the ABdFC:    Yes  No

  2. Do you now own, or have you ever owned, a Bouvier?:    Yes  No

    If yes to #2, please tell us when and for how long you owned a Bouvier, and describe your experience with the breed:

  3. I can foster a dog:    Yes  No

  4. I can help transport a rescue dog:    Yes  No

  5. I can identify, evaluate and/or pick up a dog from a kennel/shelter:    Yes  No

Please provide one personal (other than family) reference whom we can contact:

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