Relinquishing a Bouvier to ABRL

If you currently own a Bouvier and believe that you are unable to continue to provide him or her a home, the ABRL is ready and willing to help. But prior to contacting us, please consider:

  1. Contacting your Bouvier's breeder. A reputable breeder will either take the Bouvier back, or help you find a qualified home for him.
  2. Is there a friend or relative, qualified to care for a Bouvier and familiar with your Bouvier, who would be willing to take the dog in?
  3. Asking your veterinarian if s/he is aware of anyone who might provide a good home for your Bouvier.
  4. If you are giving up your Bouvier because he has behavior issues, consider engaging the services of a qualified professional trainer or behaviorist. If you are having trouble finding a resource, contact us, as we may have a volunteer who might be able to help you with the issue, and/or refer you to a qualified professional in your area. You can also check the websites for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the SF SPCA Academy Trainer Referral List (national listing), or the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants websites for names of positive trainers. Another option is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, the gold standard in the behavior world. If there is a veterinary college in your area, they, too, will most likely have behaviorists on staff. Any behavioral or training issue should be dealt with using positive, humane methods. Click here for information on how to choose a trainer.

If you have exhausted all of these options, click here to find the ABRL Rescue Coordinator closest to you. A phone call is the best method of contact, followed by an email. If you do not receive a reply, try again, or contact a Coordinator in the nearest state or the National Director. Please be persistent, but patient, as we are an all-volunteer organization.

You will be asked questions about your Bouvier's habits, temperament, lifestyle, and health. Upon relinquishing your Bouvier, you will be asked to sign a Release, granting ownership of your Bouvier to the American Bouvier Rescue League.

Depending upon your geographic location and the availability of volunteers and foster homes, it might be a few days or a few weeks before we are able to accept your Bouvier into our program. Our preferred plan of action is to place the incoming Bouvier into a foster home for further evaluation while we work to find an appropriate home for him.

It is best that your Bouvier is up-to-date on his/her veterinary care when you turn him over to us, and we request that you provide us with copies of veterinary records, registration/receipt of purchase papers, and any other pertinent information. Because we are a non-profit organization, we ask that you consider making a donation to the ABRL when you relinquish your Bouvier to us, although it is not mandatory.

When surrendering a Bouvier to us, we will ask you to complete two forms. Click here for the Application to Surrender and here for the Surrender Contract.